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Shake for your heart

Proven to lower cholesterol

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Lower Cholesterol, Boost Healthy Heart

The secret of oats

We boost each of your smoothies with 3g cholesterol lowering oat bran soluble fibre (oat beta glucan), which equals the amount of beta glucan from 3 bowls of cooked oats.

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Perfect for on the go mum! These are so delicious and easy. I personally prefer them added to yoghurt and porridge. My 1 year old is really enjoying them in her morning breakfast too!


I am a smoothie lover and I was very curious to try this new product! I really liked the texture, so smooth and creamy. All the ingredients are nicely blended into each other, but at the same time I could taste them individually. Highly recommended!

Mica Bo

Simple, quick and tasty. I am so glad that my friend recommended this to me. I always love smoothies, but it takes too much time to prepare one especially when I am in a rush. This just makes my life a lot easier. Tasty and low calories!


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