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Meet our founder

As a chemist, I continually worked in a scientific laboratory during the coronavirus pandemic. It was frustrating after a long day at work, I still had to queue for hours to get into the shops. Also, I had to stop buying as many fresh fruit and vegetables, because they always went off before I could start eating them. Canned fruits never quite taste the same as the fresh ones and you need a big freezer if you want lots of different frozen fruits. When it's dark and cold outside, the last thing I wanted was to drink a glass of frozen smoothie.

So the idea of REBOOST was born. A product that tastes like fresh fruits, with no additives and no added sugar. You can keep it in your office drawer or in your bag and have it whenever/wherever you want. I am also a big fan of oats. There are many health benefits that have been scientifically proven, so I incorporated oat fibre into my products to boost your health and satisfy your cravings.

I love to cook and now I have a great product, my Fibre Mix. I to add to my creations in the kitchen. I love knowing that I’m keeping my heart healthy and that the flavours in my food won’t be affected as it’s tasteless.

I hope you enjoy drinking and eating my products as much as I do. 



Founder, REBOOST


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