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Why Choose REBOOST

We are NOT a meal replacement or other shake products you seen on the market. We believe the power of natural food. Here is how we can help you: 

  • REBOOST Smoothie Mix and Fibre Mix contain 3g oat beta-glucans per serving; the same as you’d get from THREE packs of instant oatmeal. Oat beta glucans are proven to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease (EFSA, article 14). Daily consumption of 3g oat beta-glucans can significantly reduce your bad cholesterol level by 3 - 5%. 
  • Slow energy release and can help regulate blood sugar level. 
  • High in fibre, improve gut health and keep you filled longer. 
  • High vitamins and antioxidants, improve energy level and fresh taste.
  • Low calories and no added sugar, to help with weight management. 
  • Time saving. No more chopping and peeling, get your smoothie ready under a minute! 
  • Long shelf-life, make a fresh smoothie whenever you want.
  • Save your freezer space! No need to fill your freezer with frozen smoothie kits. 


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